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Robs 1
Robert Simbürger/Manfred Müller

Here I'm standing on my own,
Looking back I see I made my life alone-I don't moan.
But there's a point I failed to see.
A dream that lives and grows so many years inside of me
might bring me to my knees-it won't cease.

As I look into your eyes, you might see my surprise
I didn't think it could be you, the one to make my dream come true.
I look aside and then turn back you've gone away, gone away-

Here I'm standing in the rain.
As I think of you I'm drowning in my pain-it's insane.
Who are you, where did you go?
There's so many things that I suspect I'll never know,
there won't be time to show I miss you so.

As I look into your eyes...

© 1988 µcro Phalachsunjohn für Manfred Müller